BozArtWork Bracelet HandMade with Love – Mixed Gemstones

Bracelet Size: 15-16cm (Other commissioned bracelet size will be available on a request – contact me for more information )

Gemstones Size: 10mm

  • Dark Green Malaysian Jade Round AAA
  • Light Natural Green Aventurine Round AAA
  • Unakite Round AAA


  • Round Stainless Steel BozArtWork/HandMade with Love Gold Tone Charm Disc 8mm
  • Double Elastic Beading Green Thread 0.8mm


Aventurine is a stone of prosperity. It reinforces leadership qualities and decisiveness. Promotes compassion and empathy. Encourages perseverance.
Unakite is said to be a stone of vision, opening the third eye and useful for scrying. It is also believed to be a stone of balance, grounding the self while bringing emotions and spirituality together.
Jade is a powerful and hugely potent cleansing stone meaning it can go straight to work helping organs to heal from toxins.





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