BozArtWork Bracelet HandMade with Love – Jasper

  • red yellow zebra jasper round 10mm AAA
  • elastic clear crystal string cord 
  • gold round steel BozArtWork charm disc 8mm
  • size 15cm (Other commissioned bracelet size will be  available on a request – contact me for more information )
Out of all the gemstones, jasper is the best for stress. It is known as the “supreme nurturer” and it said to help achieve a state of calm and zen. It protects your energy by absorbing all the negativity, so it’s a great one to have on hand when going through a hard time.
Fancy Jasper
Mentally, it is said to relieve stress, balance energies, aid in concentration, protect from psychic attacks, and prevent procrastination. It may also stimulate creativity and self discipline while encouraging rational thinking.


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