BozArtWork Bracelet HandMade with Love – Amazonite

Bracelet Sizes 15-16cm  (Other commissioned bracelet size will be available on a request – contact me for more information)

Gemstone Size 12x8mm

  • Amazonite Round Teardrop AAA
  • Double Elastic Beading Thread 0.8mm
  • Round Steel BozArtWork/HandMade with Love Silver Tone charm disc 8mm

The Amazonite crystal is nicknamed ‘the stone of hope’. Not only is it beautiful to look at, but Amazonite also inspires powerful healing processes in your heart, mind, body, and soul. This wonderfully watery stone is any crystal enthusiast’s go-to when it comes to re-centering yourself and consolidating a chaotic whirlwind of emotions.

It achieves the subtle yet greatly beneficial effect of restoring a sense of balance to your inner world. This is done by realigning your chakras and balancing your masculine and feminine energies, your yin and yang. An Amazonite stone is particularly effective when it comes to clearing the mental fog that manifests as a result of over-exposure to technology.

In essence, Amazonite is a magnificent tool that can be used to enhance mental clarity and calm. If you are an artistic individual and feel that you have been experiencing a prolonged creative block, Amazonite can assist you in your search for inspiration and creative confidence.


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