BozArtWork Bracelet HandMade with Love – Chalcedony

Bracelet size: 15-16cm (Other commissioned bracelet size will be  available on a request – contact me for more information )

Gemstone size: 10mm

  • Orange Yellow Chalcedony Round Faceted AAA
  • Elastic Clear Crystal String Cord 
  • Round Steel BozArtWork/HandMade with Love Gold Tone Charm Disc 8mm
  • Golden Brass Flat Round With Evil Eye Pendant With Jump Ring 15x13x1.5mm
  • Gold Brass Beads Round Spacers

What is Chalcedony?

Chalcedony is a cryptocrystalline variety of quartz. It comes from the Latin word chalcēdōnius. It is a variety of agate and a natural form of silicon dioxide of silica. Chalcedony is compact and microcrystalline. There are many varieties but the main kinds of Chalcedony are blue, grey, and white. Chalcedony meaning is stability and balance.

The Gemstone of Emotional Balance 

Chalcedony is believed to take its name from the Greek port of Chalcedon which is known today as Kadikoy in Turkey. Named the speakers stone, this gentle cool-headed gem was said to be strung around the neck of the great speaker of Cicero. Cicero must have known that Chalcedony’s meditative moods and measured mindset were of great value. It wasn’t just the Ancient Greeks who saw the value in Chalcedony, Native Americans also considered it to be a sacred stone too. It was often used in ceremony’s to ensure a sense of grounding. To this day, Chalcedony is still a popular stone to use in meditative practice and spiritual sojourns. Chalcedony can be found all over the world including in Brazil and Namibia, India, Sri Lanka, Malawi, and Madagascar.

Chalcedony comes in many varieties and shades but Blue Chalcedony is often the picture that springs to mind when we think of this gem. It’s known for its nurturing power but also its ability to help your words and conversations flow. It’s loved by public speakers, orators, lawyers, and politicians for its ability to bring diplomacy to the tip of your tongue. Chalcedony is also a stone of balance and can bring the body, mind, and spirit into complete harmony.



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